Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Q. Who lives in a house like this?

A. We did, for one glorious week.

But first up, by now I should think you are all a little sick of the lettuce pic. Sorry for that but I have a couple of reeeeally good excuses. First up, Peggy (the camera) had a little spec o' dirt which wasn't moving, so we had to take her away and give her a bit of liposuction. Then it was the turn of the laptop (never thought of a name for her/him - although called it a few many times). Apparently some spywear came in and had a look around and decided not to leave. So, off we went to the geeky hospital (why do they take soooo long to tell me stuff I have noooo interest in?)

Anyhoo, then we went on holiday. It is impossible for me to put into words how great that was and so I'll let the pics speak for themselves. Besides, I don't want y'all knowing where I was in case you get any ideas about going there too...it's a secret.

OK, the clues are there, as we go through the keyhole....


Caffienated Cowgirl said...

Hmmm...Southern France?

Wherever it is, it's gorgeous!!!

BettyWestern said...


Close, but no cigar as they say. It's Southern Italy in the Puglia region - the conical roof is the clue as the houses (called Trulli) are only found in this area. It was certainly gorgeous, very relaxed, very good food and we had great weather. I'll be putting up more pictures for sure. BW

bleeding espresso said...

I've been wanting to go to Puglia for years now...the Trulli are truly (hah!) amazing :)

Btw, regarding your question on my blog, I didn't know the answer, so I wrote to Judith in Umbria, a foodie with a love of Puglia, and she said this:

I saw the plants at the nursery the other day. I think they are called Corno di Bue? Used the same as frigitelli, but usually allowed to turn red first.

Hope this helps!

Sarah K. said...

This photo is amazing.

BettyWestern said...

Thanks BE, I'm thinking they are frigitelli. We have a chilli fiesta locally in August, so I think this year I'll go on along and do some more research. Thanks!

Thanks SK, both shots were effortless really, no work on my part. Unlike Mr Salamander (more like Scaramanga, all smoke & mirrors)