Sunday, 23 November 2008

Long Time Gone

Well events have, as usual, overtaken even the simplest of hobbies such as blogging. If you can appreciate I've found absolutely no time to do something I enjoy, can you imagine how behind I am with some of the more mundane tasks? Mmmm.

The hiatus was not at all bad, a trip to Rome snuck in a couple of weeks ago but I'm afraid there are few photos to share - it was a catch up visit with some good friends and many of the shots are of people and as I've said before on this blog - I don't do people. Having been fortunate to visit la bella citta many times before, I'm afraid I was not in tourist snapping mode.

Over at the Caffienated Cowgirl's new home, I was reminded of the importance of familiar music whilst abroad, particularly if you are always on the move as she is. Well CC, this one's for you - a new station I think you'll enjoy which, ironically, would have been your local station back in the UK.