Saturday, 8 January 2011

In need of greens (and reds, yellows, purples....)

Gosh, I really need some colour right now, don't you?

January really is a tough month; reality bites with the continuing dark days of Winter, the post-Christmas blues (both money AND trousers tight!)....but, Spring is coming. Today I got outside and inspected the very wet borders and there are signs of Spring, just a little bit here and there poking out the ground from under sodden leaf fall.

I had meant to post pictures of my very orderly broad (fava) bean patch that survived the snow and is looking, so far, so good. And, best discovery of the day, the garlic is up! Planted at the same time as the broad beans, which are now a good 4" high, the garlic has finally decided to make an appearance. It's my first time growing either, so I am, as you can tell, a bit excited. Looking forward to getting alot more from the garden this year (to be less reliant on store bought produce) which is both enjoyable to grow and of course, much better to eat. I can't tell you how I rhapsodised about cucumbers last year, but I am not kidding, I was transported back to my childhood just tasting a REAL cucumber!

Talking of which, if you are unfamiliar with the building below, (see Susan's comment), it's commonly known as the Gherkin, which in America would be a dill pickle. Now do you get it? I think the pickle building sounds so much better!

Wishing any onlookers a belated Happy New Year and hoping that those of you passing by, might leave a comment, pickle related or otherwise.