Thursday, 9 December 2010

Architectural Wonder

Went here today.

Bit disappointed it wasn't in a big jar of vinegar.

Thursday, 2 December 2010

To this!

Perhaps not alot of snow by your standards, wherever you are looking in from, but enough to be 'snowed in' round these parts.

And very pretty if you don't need to be somewhere.

If you're wondering, soon after I took this, I did go and clear the bird table & bath so that the birds had some food & water. If you put out food for the birds, don't forget to keep the supplies up, especially water in the cold weather. And if like me, you are bird crazy, here's a great book idea for Christmas. I got mine as an early birthday present, thanks Dave. X

Even the most common birds are fascinating if you watch them for a while, and this chap (maybe a she, haven't got that far in the book yet!) is part of a small colony that regularly hang out beside the kitchen window.

A word of warning if you do hang feeders, be prepared to be sweeping up grain every day, so don't hang them over precious plants or areas where you want to avoid weeds. But the dropped seed provides for the ground feeders, so try and not be too precious about the mess.

Whatever the weather this weekend, make like a character in Mary Poppins, and feed the birds. (Although you'll find it's considerably more than tuppence a pound these days).

Have a great weekend.