Thursday, 15 April 2010

Beauty is in the eye ....of a needle

I have a thing about patchwork quilts. And if you've been paying attention, you'll know I started one last year. It has progressed slowly, as with everything outside of work, a hobby is a luxury these days, whatever your job it seems. I have even chucked out the time-suck that is tv which I thought would free up a few hours each night but now I find that whereas I used to sew no matter what mindless crud was on the box, now I'm always just doing stuff! No matter.

So, I was thrilled to buy an original, hand stitched, genuine American quilt during my travels - isn't she a beauty? And a bargain at $99. Made around 1900, yes it's worn & faded, but so would you be aged 110. I think it's darling. Check out the detail.

Picked up a few other treasures too; wool, string, rocks (I know, say it, I'm weird) and some more regular souvenirs...

That corn sack will be turned into a wall hanging, the wool may be washed and spun but right now it smells of lanolin and memories; the Dr Pepper crate is a shelf unit waiting to happen (and don't ask what came all the way home alive in it, you don't want to know).

And the quilt? What else but spread across the bed as her maker intended all those years ago.

Sunday, 11 April 2010

Sheep Deprivation

Bleary eyed and missing those critters.

Saturday, 10 April 2010

I Heart Missouri

Those of you who have been following where I've been this past week, will perhaps know a little bit about the farm and if so, will know there are an unusually high number of heart shaped rocks to be found on the property. In my week there, I picked up 3 and probably spotted half a dozen others.

Whatever the geological reasons may be, I prefer to think there are other forces at play. During my week long stay, I was truly welcomed into the home and hearts of Susan & Joe and brought back with me (along with the rocks!) a head full of happy memories which will stay with me a lifetime.

As I sift through the 200+ photographs and get through the jetlag (ughh), my heart aches for the wide open spaces I've left behind. Not to mention the Good food, Great company and Gorgeous lambs.

It's 'G' year for lamb names this year, read this for an explanation on naming and some useful background on the flock breeds. Whilst my naming suggestion for the little girl pictured above has yet to be taken up (G-Spot.....and what is wrong with that?!), did you notice something over her right shoulder?

Go on, take a closer look.