Thursday, 18 June 2009

5 Years Old today!

And still a couple of scamps...remember this? And this? Or this? Apologies for the grainy quality of this shot; as you can see, from an early age, these two needed locking up - a quick trip to the hardware outlet saw us creating these makeshift pens from aviary panels in an attempt to let the little ones enjoy part of the garden but without destroying it.

Oh how wrong could we be?

Six months on and this is what remained of the lawn (number one, oh yes, a second was laid and destroyed before the year was out). See that pile of twigs top left? Mmmm, tasty lavender. To be followed by rosemary, jersey lillies (not a good move) and well, pretty much anything green. It all became a sea of mud pretty quick.

Ah but, that was soooo long ago. And all is forgotten. Happy Birthday boys.

Been gathering up pics & thoughts in my blogging 'down' time. Those aviary panels came in handy this Spring - updates to follow as & when I get round to it. P.S. Does anyone want any new music on Radio Betty. Time for a change maybe. Your suggestions are always welcome.