Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Digging the Dirt

Post holiday and time to take stock of a few jobs at home. The 'tree' in the back garden needed thinning out and so out came the loppers. You can see from this picture a distinct lack of colour, all growth being confined to shrubs as yet, untasted by you-know-who. If you read this last year, you'll appreciate gardening chez Cocker is a bit testing to say the least.

As if to prove my point, whilst I was busy creating my own pile of branches, the boys thought they'd try their paws at a little gardening of their own ...

They really put their backs into it ...

Thankfully, there's life in the front garden and, although the veg patch didn't work out (too many slugs, too little diligence), June is busting out all over (well almost).

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