Saturday, 7 July 2007

The sun turned up today

I may have mentioned before that gardening is let's say, a 'challenge' when you own possibly the only two cocker spaniels in the world who are serial herbivores (we're talking entire lavender bushes, lawns etc.) And so, any flights of fancy I may harbour of having a vegetable garden, are just that, in the land of make believe. However, inspired by my neighbour, who grows all manner of veggies between her flowers, I felt I must find some small patch in which to grow something, that patch having to be in the front garden, out of pooch-reach. The flowers pictured in earlier posts, pretty much all exist in the front garden, which is by no means big and has to accommodate a car and a van, such is the risk of vandalism if you park on the street these days. So, the only spot I could think of, without tearing out too many plants, is the strip you see by the side wall, measuring probably 18inches wide by 12 feet long. This was previously a bit of a mess, weedy, with a crowd of straggly wildflowers, montbretia (crocosmia) and hollyhocks. I really hate ripping out hollyhocks, particularly as they are in full flower, but they really deserve a better setting and sadly, with the wind and rain we've had of late and will doubtless have again, they end up horizontal in no time. And so, you are among the first to see my very own kitchen garden! OK, that sounds a bit grand but hey, I already sowed some radishes! And isn't the new willow edging so smart?! I thought so. Mum, if you are looking in, hope you approve. This little birdie came and had a look just as I was finishing. Unfortunately, he stood on the bit I hadn't yet tidied, but that's birds for you.

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