Thursday, 5 June 2008

Rush Hour

The clock struck 9am in the Piazza known locally as 'The Living Room', and as you can see, it was pandemonium Pugliese style. For us little ole tourists it was just about time to sit down outside the cafe and contemplate the day's activities with a capuccino & cornetto. For the uninitiated, a proper capuccino is much smaller than the bucket sized offerings you get in coffee shops at home (I won't insult the Italians by even naming the offending outlets) and a cornetto is the croissant equivalent.
The activity plan, such as it was, revolved mainly around where, when & what to eat. My Italian is pretty near non-existant but the little I have picked up over the years, enables me to translate menus pretty well. Plus if you spend time eavesdropping on Italian conversations, you'll find they spend an awful lot of time planning where, when & what to eat. So, we fit right in!
Anyway, I'm still coming down from my holiday high; apologies if it takes a while. And God bless the internet for bringing me the cheesey sounds of RadioNorba that accompanied us through that week. If you have a low-cheese-high-octane-prattling threshold, get a load of this. Arrivederci!

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Caffienated Cowgirl said...

What a lovely place...I would gladly sit and ponder over a cappuccino :)