Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Love Me Tender

Today is the first anniversary of my adventures in Blogland and it occurs to me that I've never let you see this pretty boy. Elvis 'left the building' as it were 3 years ago and we still miss him and wonder whether he might stroll back in one day. For everyone out there missing a friend, this one is for you.
Thanks to all of you near and far, named or anonymous who have looked in on my little corner of the world and made a contribution.


Caffienated Cowgirl said...

He's a beauty...hopefully he'll return someday. Happy Anniversary!

Nita said...

Just perusing your blog and saw your Elvis - our Hank has been gone for a year also, this time it seems like we won't get to see him again. I have not posted a picture of Hank on my blog, thinking I may be jinxing his return. We cuss his adventures and love the daylights out of him when he graces us with his presence.
Those darn tabbies!