Thursday, 4 October 2007

Of dogs and hogs

I have learned to keep my leather gardening gloves handy. Not for me a bit of late night weeding, nor do I plant by the moonlight as some gardeners recommend.

No, I need the gloves to frequently carry a hedgehog from our dog-proofed but seemingly not hog-proofed rear garden to the safety of the front garden. Safely away from the dogs who delight in the company of their new prickly friend, rolling him around, picking him up (I'm not kidding) and generally keeping him (or her, who knows) from finding that special place to nap this Winter.

Maybe all dogs do this? Do they also chew slugs as though they were licorice every time it rains? Crunch snails as though they were ferrero rocher? Suck frogs like jelly babies?

I'll spare you those photos.

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