Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Little things ....

...please little minds (and little trousers fit little behinds as my Mum would say.)

I was recently given a big bag of buttons from a good friend, mostly passed down to her from her mother & grandmother. As I was sorting through them to find a few for a particular project, I was subconsciously arranging them into a shape on the table. So, adding a few more round the edges, I created my own Turner Prize winning exhibit. (Oh yeah, in my world I have won the Turner prize, Booker Prize and an Oscar OK?)

Anyway, the arrangement turned out better than the project fyi.

Talking of things passed down the maternal line, I am researching my Mum's family tree. It is so thrilling to find a name, a date, an address, an occupation on an old register and I feel like a detective piecing together the clues and stories from our shared past.

Mum, if you are reading this, I am back to Ann McConnell, married to James somewhere in the early/mid 19th century. It's getting a bit tougher now as I think I'll be crossing the water to Cork for the next installment. Haven't found the McCulloch link yet but I'll get there.

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