Tuesday, 28 August 2007

Rip-Off Britain

I may be in the wrong job.

The hedge (leylandii) shown above spans the front garden, parted by a crumbling iron gate, it's perhaps 20 feet long and a good 3 feet wide. Since the photo was taken, it has sprouted a messy amount of growth what with all the summer rain we've had and, lacking the time, willpower and a long enough ladder, I've been looking for a 'man who can' so to speak.

I know, that with the right electric whizzy thing, a long ladder and some good gloves it would take 1-2 hours to trim and clear away the mess so HOW ON EARTH can someone justify charging me £90 to do it?! Is he going to give me free legal advice as he prunes the straggly shoots? Or perhaps a feng shui reading for the driveway? Maybe he's going to help me with my tax return when he's up the ladder? Or throw in a bit of life coaching as I make him a cup of tea.

Mmmm, nope. 3 jobs like that in a day, even just 4 days a week, would do nicely I think.

So I'm off down to B&Q to buy a new ladder.

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