Sunday, 12 August 2007

Mad Dogs & Englishmen

If you are of a lefty, sensitive or 'pc' persuasion, look away now.

I have deliberately kept my 'views' as it were off the pages of BW, seeing it more as a creative outlet rather than, like many blogs, a place to air ones prejudices. Besides, I am not given to ranting or sparking a debate on the rights and wrongs of something. During any such discussions, you're likely to see my eyes glaze over pretty quick.

Not that I lack views, or opinions; far from it. Oh, don't get me started .... on the lack of discipline displayed by parents and in schools, litter in the park, people who are incapable of picking up after their dogs, texting slang in any context other than in a text message, cable tv ads promoting flirty girls/ringtones/other useless crap, overpackaging, Tesco, eco-babble, the 'cult' of celebrity, teenagers complaining 'there's nuffink to do around here' as an excuse for yobbish & idle behaviour, those ruddy trampolines in gardens, overkill of street signs, people who can't read body language (you know, the signs that say "I'm not listening, please go away"), the homogenisation of the High Street, fruit that has no flavour, coat hangers, bank holiday last minute panics (everyone heads to the beach/buys up all the sausages/insists on showing too much roasted flesh), the commercialisation of Christmas, graffiti proclaimed as art .....

Oh that feels better. Coat hangers? Don't ask!

But, as I was saying, these pages are not for debating, arguing or proselytizing (phew that's a long one). No, these pages are for fun.

However, if you want some good old fashioned, highly non-pc entertainment, I implore you to buy a copy of the TinTin book shown above - rumour has it they are going to stop publishing it because of it's rascist connotations. Read it, laugh out loud at it's silly stereotypes (for that's all they are) and then consider just one of the topics I have listed and see if it isn't more worthy of your opinions.
Coat hangers excepted.
P.S. The alert ones among you will have spotted our Betty top right. As Brand Manager & Creative Director for these pages, she has reminded me that I have gone somewhat 'off message' today. As the Finance & Operations Director, I have reminded her she lacks opposable thumbs. More from her later.

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Anonymous said...

Coat Hangers???? What can they have done to you???