Friday, 13 July 2007

By the Sleepy Lagoon

I have always loved the theme tune to Desert Island discs, it is so evocative and haven't we all played the game at some point, to try and list the 10 pieces of music you couldn't live without (not forgetting 1 book and 1 luxury)? Click here if you don't know it.

Well it was a real treat to discover the inspiration for the piece of music is barely a mile from my doorstep. The stretch of coast around Selsey is patchy in it's attractiveness, being a fishing town and a popular place for daytrippers, it can be a bit messy and smelly. It's also a pebble beach where as most people would probably prefer long stretches of sand. That said, I think it has it's own qualities, particularly out of season.

To get to this magical spot, you have to walk away from Selsey Bill, about a mile to the East until the path runs out and magnificent purple thistles and wild sea kale grow on the beach. There you will find some incredibly unusual houses, some made from old railway carriages, and a blissful view to Pagham, Bognor Regis and the Sussex Downs beyond.

It's a very quiet spot, few daytrippers venture down the beach that far. And if you time it right, when the tide is out, you too can share Coates' image of a sleepy lagoon. But don't tell anyone, OK? Or else they'll all want to come.
Correction: Lest any D.I.D. afficionados out there tell me off, of course it's 8 favourite pieces of music.


Peter said...

Brilliant - really interesting and lovely photos. Thanks.
Great blog.

Miss Welby said...

ciao, nice blog

cd&m said...

Desert Island Disc fans here.