Tuesday, 19 June 2007

Spectrum Stress

This is not a great picture. And I cheated way more than usual to try and improve it (loving all the little tricks of the photo software!) But I reeeeeally wanted to capture a rainbow; you only see maybe one or two a year and what says you're going to have a camera to hand? But it was a rush job. You see I was in the middle of downloading other pictures from my camera when the rainbow appeared, so I was frantically trying to download this:

and this:

so I could rush outside to get the rainbow before it faded away with the rumbles of thunder. Anyway, the poppies are adorable. I love the way their buds hang down all droopy as if you've somehow killed them and then, kaboom! Out they pop - perhaps that's where the name comes from. I'm hoping last year's seeds, that were sent all the way to Farmgirl Susan, have turned out the same. Susan, perhaps you can let me know when yours go boom!

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farmgirl said...

My beautiful poppies have just started blooming, but they look completely different than yours! Those are lovely. Save me some seeds! : )