Monday, 25 June 2007

Rainy days and Mondays ...

It's been a busy few days. This blog was never intended as a diary, although I undoubtedly post things that relate to a time & place and thus it's a record of where I'm at. I've taken quite a few pics since last Wednesday (over 100) and had therefore quite a few to pick from today, but today's choice was easy. Lentil Soup!!!

Yep, I'm that obsessed with taking pictures, I am now taking pictures of meals! Actually, I'd like to think that I have now joined the ranks of the foodie bloggers out there, although they show more dedication (the step-by-step shots) and more organic principles (produce from their own gardens) than you will ever get from me. No, here is the world's simplest soup from a genius little book that has sat on my shelves for over 20 years (see picture of that too!!)

Actually, the picture is kind of indicative of the day. It's what they call, 'persistently' raining and it feels like February and I have the week off! Fortunately, everything I had planned for today, revolves around staying in, and so from my kitchen table, whilst waiting for a furniture delivery, I spied the book. And I can't tell you how scrummy it turned out.

Anyone after the recipe, please write - or better still, go out and find this great little book.

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