Monday, 11 June 2007

No going back

Mum called this evening. She's holidaying in Sconny Botland with Dad, in their caravan of love. Shame, she was a bit upset. Trouble is, she's done what all of us have done from time to time, and that's to revisit a place from our childhood, only to find, it's never, ever the same.

Great Grandma Lees lived in Stonehaven and Mum last went to the house some 50+ years ago. Today, by all accounts, it's been converted into 3 flats. She was lucky to be let in and shown round but found it a bit upsetting, nothing as it was, not even the garden. That's always the way. There is a different place from my childhood that lives on in my heart, that will never be the same again since it was pulled down some 20 years ago. I can't go back. It's a killer.

But there you go.

Zanne over at (eyes right) does a nice line in buildings/places past & present, do check her out.

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