Tuesday, 8 May 2007

Big sigh country

Thanks to an eagle eyed friend, (thank you Smoo) I have amended the link to the Rocking Z ... whoops.

And so it's probably a good time to tell you a little bit about that wonderful place and it's definitely an excuse to dig out an old photo from a magnificent trip two years ago. Click on the link and you'll see all the facts about the Wirth family ranch in Wolf Creek, Montana. Read the testimonials, watch the video and book now!

Then, book 6 month's psychotherapy for after your return.

Ask your counsellor to explain why a little ranch in Montana has worked it's way so deep into your psyche that you find it hard to have conversations without mentioning what Patty can do with mustangs, the local folklore that Zack has tucked away in that head of his, how talented and beautiful their children are and how you never, ever wanted to leave.

Some places can do that.

It's been two years.

And I still can't watch their video without crying.

God Bless to all at the ranch.


Anonymous said...

Hi - its Smoo
Wonderful Blog and thanks to the entry for 8th May I too have watched the Rocking Z video and had a good cry. Wonderful memories of a holiday of a lifetime. We will go again!

BettyWestern said...

Smee. Ta.

Shall we take up fishing instead? Check out Sisters on the Fly link; I'd do it for the caravans alone!