Friday, 4 May 2007


You learn a lot from friends over the years, and sometimes they teach you more than you realise. This week, friends have counted for alot.

I just got back two rolls (yes rolls) of film from the developers. The old manual SLR camera is now consigned to the cupboard as undoubtedly new Digital thingy (for I shall name her Peggy) is providing far better quality shots and with (alot more) practise, will make me into a photographer. But within the two films is this shot that I am so proud of.

The picture says little about this friend (to the outsider), and yet it says everything about her. Look at her concentration and tenderness. Her attention on and love for this horse is endless and her friendship, to many of us, is priceless.

And so, although you're not 'connected' and I'm a week early, Happy Birthday 'Mate'!

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farmgirl said...

This photo is wonderful.