Tuesday, 15 May 2007

Cabin Fever

Pictures and posts haven't come easily the past few days. Well, it's been raining, that miserable, grey coloured rain, that measures about 2 inches per drop. Refreshing, much-needed, quenching yes, but not conducive to whipping out the camera and being arty farty.

Until there's a break in the clouds and, in need of fresh air, the urgency of just getting 'out there' takes hold.

I was locked in work for about 12 hours today, so I really did need to get out. Unfortunately it was too late to go anywhere other than walk the dogs, and damn it, forgot to take my camera. I stood looking out to sea and admired the greyness, the boats lined up, the emptiness (the holiday makers don't bother on days like these) and rued missing the perfect moody seaside 'shot'. Would have been fab in black & white.

So, what you see above is my best effort at rain-soaked foliage, in the back garden! Clematis Armandii for those of a horticultural bent, beautiful cream perfumed blooms in February, year round glossy leaves.

I also thought it was time to show off one of my own farmyard critters (the pigs and lambs aren't mine). This one is pretty low maintenance and if you want to know more about where she came from, pop on over to the Hares to You link to the right. Tell Victoria I sent you.

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