Tuesday, 24 April 2007

Out West

BettyWestern came about as an idea 12 months ago and continues to evolve in my mind's eye. As part of the concept (sorry if that sounds too grand), this blog will certainly help shape some of the ideas I have and I hope to share these with you as I go along.

But if like me, you get all misty eyed when it comes to the imagery of the Wild West, cowboy movies, Montana skies, sassy cowgals, 50's faded glamour, horses in all forms, retro advertisements, rodeos, country fairs, farms, dusty plains, and good home cooking, then I hope you'll enjoy these pages. I'd particularly welcome any comments on the photos as that's what I want to develop (excuse the pun). Any other comments/ideas/requests are all welcomed.

Today's pic is just for fun, a world away from the global sanitisation of our basic staples; they don't pack vegetables like that any more.

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